Shortly after we were married in 2003 we began creating wedding videos for other couples. 8 years later I (Matt) am the primary cinematographer and editor while my wife (Susan) adds art, class and style to our wedding videos from a bride's perspective. I (Matt) have also put on a few pounds since then :)

We are the owners of MVP Weddings and we partner with other talented cinematographers to create beautiful, cinematic wedding videos and provide a wonderful customer experience for couples. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 13 years and moved to Fresno, CA in the summer of 2011 to be closer to our family. We would be delighted to create a beautiful wedding video with the art of cinema that tells your story. Thank you very much for considering our videography service, and may God bless you and your very special relationship of love and commitment in marriage.


Matt and Susan Martin

Matt and Susan Martin            Matt and Susan Martin           Owners, MVP Weddings