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1. What sets MVP Weddings apart from other wedding videography vendors?

  • Customer Experience

  • Quality

  • Value

  • Customer Experience - It's your wedding, and we are here to serve you. If you'd like a full documentary edit of your ceremony, or a highlight edit, or both, we're happy to oblige. Furthermore, if you'd like us to film your wedding and you'd like to edit it, we provide that option too. Many vendors don't offer couples much choice in what they provide, but we understand that it's your wedding - not ours. We want to make sure you are extremely pleased with what you receive. We've been serving couples since 2011 are very happy that their experience, and their reviews, have been overwhelmingly positive. 


  • Quality - We strive for the highest quality in concept, prepreproduction, production, postproduction, and distribution. 

    • Concept: We develop a plan for the artistic look and feel you'd like for the scenes in your wedding films far before your wedding day. 

    • Preproduction: We learn about each moment of your day and prepare our team with a plan for each part of your day. At your first look we know which shooter will be on a Ronin-M stabilizer with a 35mm lens shooting in slow motion 4K and which shooter will be on a monopod with at 70-200mm lens. We plan who will mic the groom before hand to hear his first words upon seeing his bride. We plan how to shoot the second take, what angle we'll obtain with our 4K aerial drone, and what reverse angle to film. It's this attention to detail and coordination that allows us to do an excellent job.

    • Production: We film with fantastic equipment to achieve fantastic results. Our primary camera system, the Canon C200, equipped with a 35mm Canon L lens and DJI Ronin-M stabilizer, is worth over $10,000 and allows us to capture beautiful shots in 4K slow motion. Our secondary cameras are Canon C100s which allow us to match the skin tones and colors amongst our shots. We use a 4K aerial drone for beautiful aerial footage and provide a 3,000W equivalent LED light at your reception to provide beautiful lighting during your first dance and toasts. We also have excellent wireless audio microphones and recorders to record the sounds of your day. Having wonderful equipment is great and knowing how to use it is even more important, providing you with excellent cinematic footage.

    • Postproduction: In the editing phase we strive to craft films that tell your story - using the words from your ceremony and toasts to bring out the emotions and memories of your wedding day. Great care goes into creating a film customized to your wedding and story that you will be proud to share and to view for many years to come. We also update the films with your feedback so that they are exactly what you would like.

    • Distribution: We share the first draft of your wedding films with you in HD on our website for your review. Upon completion of your approved videos you can view all your videos on our website and you receive links to download your edited videos in HD. We provide options to receive the final videos on DVD in Standard Definition, Blu-ray disc in High Definition, and/or on a hard drive. We also present the option to purchase all of the raw footage on a hard drive. 

  • Value - We know that wedding services are not cheap. However, we believe that when you look at the quality and customer experience you receive for the price from MVP Weddings and compare that to other vendors, you will find that we provide excellent value. 

1 Set apart

2. What do I need to know when reviewing videography vendors? 

  • Are they available on your wedding date? If not, no need to ask any other questions :)

  • How long have they been in business, how many weddings have they shot and edited, and are their past clients happy? Check their reviews. 

  • Do they offer the kinds of services you're looking for? For example, some vendors only offer highlight films and don't offer the option to create a full documentary style edit of your full ceremony, etc.

  • Do they do quality work? When you compare their sample videos to other vendors, do you like their style?

  • Are the services you want within your budget? 

  • Does their personality work well with you and your fiancé? You want a vendor who takes stress out of your wedding, not one who adds it. Stay away from pushy, high pressure vendors.

  • What is the schedule and arrangement for payments? Stay away from videography vendors who require the entire amount to be paid up front. Look for options where the final amount isn't due until you've had the chance to give feedback on your edited videos and they've been updated to your satisfaction. 

2 Vendors

3. Are you available on my wedding date? 

To check to see if we're available on the date of your wedding, go to our Packages page. Click on the "Check Availability" button next to a package to see a calendar showing our availability. 

3 Available

4. What can I provide to you so that you can do a great job?

  • Examples: Have you seen a video - a wedding video, a movie, etc. that you really like? If so, let us know, or describe what you'd like for your wedding film. Is there a certain style of shooting or editing you like? Is it important to get a shot of a certain family member, etc,? Let us know what's important to you. 

  • A detailed timeline of your wedding day. You'll probably be creating this for your DJ and Photographer as well, so you can share that timeline with us. Having a detailed timeline, with the address of each location (for getting ready, first look, photos, ceremony, and reception) really helps us be prepared to capture each moment. 

  • Schedule time in your timeline for dedicated video shots. We love to have an extra 5 minutes to grab video shots during your first look and 5-10 minutes when we can film beauty shots of the two of you together. This allows us to get fantastic shots. If a couple's schedule is too tight with no margin we aren't able to get those amazing shots.

  • Feedback: After we post the first draft of your edited videos, let us know of any changes you would like so we can make your films just how you want them.  

4 provide to vendor

5. How long will it take to receive our edited films? 

We'll post the first draft of your edited films online for your review no later than 4 months after your wedding.  We'll update the videos within 2 weeks of receiving your feedback. The final approved videos are made available for download and shipped to you after we've received your final payment. We typically have the first draft of your videos ready for review earlier than 4 months after your wedding date.

5 How long

6. I'm on a tight budget - what can I do? 

One option is to have us film your wedding now, give you all of the raw footage, and edit it later when it works better for your budget. We can also customize a package for you where we provide an Overall Highlight Wedding Film but not the other films (Ceremony Highlights, Reception Entrance Highlights, First Dance and Toasts Highlights, Reception Fun Highlights). For more info, go to our Packages page, and choose the "Raw Footage" category on the upper left part of the page. We're happy to customize a package that works best for you!

6 Tight budget

7. Can I customize a package?

Absolutely! We're happy to customize a package that works best for you. There are a lot of variables that can be adjusted to what you're looking for, whether it's how many hours of coverage you'd like, how many cinematographers and cameras, how many and what kind of edited videos you'd like, DVDs versus HD Blu-ray discs, etc. We're here to serve you. You can see the costs of different options on our Packages page.

7 Customize

8. What is the schedule for paying for the services? 

If you select a package that includes edited wedding films, the process works like this:

  1. $500 is required to book your wedding date (this counts towards the package cost).

  2. One half of the remaining balance is due on or before your wedding day.

  3. The remaining balance is due once we've updated your edited wedding films with your feedback and you have approved your films.

For example, if you select a package with a total cost of $3,000, $500 would be required to book your wedding. The remaining balance would be $2,500. One half of that, or $1,250, would be due on or before your wedding. The remaining balance of $1,250 would be due once you've approved your edited wedding films. After we receive final payment we'll send you download links for the films as well as DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and/or hard drives that you have selected.

If you select a package that has us film your wedding and give you all of the raw footage (no editing):

  1. One half of the total is required to book your wedding.

  2. The remaining balance is due on or before the night of your wedding when you we give you the hard drive with all of your raw footage.  

8 Schedule

9. Can I use a credit card to pay? 

Yes! We use Square to accept credit card payments and can accept credit card payments in person or online. You are also welcome to pay by cash or check, whatever is most convenient. 

9 credit card

10. Can I choose what songs are in my films?  

We aren't able to use popular songs with your films due to copyright laws. If we were to try to do so, video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo will remove the video. Consequently we license cinematic scores for your films so that they can be shared with your friends and family. Usually we'll choose one of our licensed songs that we feel is a good fit for each of your films. However, if you'd like to hear our licensed scores and choose one for your video just let us know. Thanks! 

10 songs

11. What if I want to change my film(s) after I view them?  

Yes, we want to you be happy with your films! We send you a first draft of your film to review online. You then let us know of any changes you'd like and we update your films according to your feedback.

11 Changes

12. What are your terms and agreement?

MVP Weddings Terms and Agreement:

"MVP Weddings" shall be referred to as “Studio” within this agreement.
Official time begins upon commencement of shooting (bride’s preparations, etc.), or one hour prior to the scheduled ceremony (when we setup our cameras, microphones, etc.), whichever is earliest, and time shall run continuously until departing the event location. If the total job time exceeds the time contracted for, extra charges will apply at the rate of $200/hr, unless pre-planned and prepaid at $150/hr.

In the event of a postponement or cancellation of this contract, so long as a minimum of thirty days notice has been given to Studio, the deposits paid may be used for any future event up to one year past the date of this contract, providing Studio has no other obligations for the future date. After that time, all deposits will be forfeited to Studio.
If Client gives less than thirty days notice of cancellation or postponement, a $250 Cancellation Fee will be charged plus trip fees, if any trips have already been made.
If event is cancelled after Studio arrives at location on the date of the rehearsal or event, the deposit and payment of first half of total fee will be considered “earned”, but the last half of total (if already paid) will be refunded.
If for any reason the Studio is unable to fulfill it’s duty of being able to shoot the wedding video on the day of the ceremony (medical emergency, etc.) the Client will be given the option to either 1) allow the Studio to hire additional videographers to shoot the footage on the wedding day, and then the Studio will edit the footage following the wedding as planned, or 2) the Client can receive a full refund of any money paid to the Studio and be released from any contractual obligations with the Studio.

The Client has had opportunity to critically view samples of the Studio’s video work and has retained the Studio as the exclusive official videographer to cover this event. The Client grants Studio full production and editorial control regarding all aspects of this production and postproduction.
Client will receive an approval copy of the wedding video no later than four months after receiving the wedding package selection and second payment installment (usually the day of the wedding). Client may request one set of changes, upon receiving approval copy. If such changes require more than five hours of editing time, such extra time shall be billed at $100 per hour. Such changes must be requested by email or other written form, within one week of receipt of approval video.
Studio takes utmost care with respect to the exposure, sound capture, editing, duplication and delivery of the video products and services offered. However, in the event Studio fails to comply with the terms of this contract due to any event or act, the Studio’s liability is limited to the refund of monies paid to Studio.

The Studio must receive timeline information, checklists, wedding package selection, and any other materials required for the completion of the production by wedding day. Production may proceed without such materials if not supplied by this time and Client agrees to accept the necessary changes in the production as a result.

Client warrants that he/she has the legal rights to anything the Studio will videotape, including photos, music or other materials supplied by the client for use in this video, and that use will be limited to viewing by friends and family.
Studio reserves the non-exclusive right to use the original video and/or reproductions for display, promotion, publication or any other purposes, and gives same rights to client. If client prefers exclusive rights, he agrees to pay an additional fee of $500 before the wedding date.
Studio reserves the right to remove themselves and all equipment at any time there appears to be a potential danger to themselves or equipment (belligerent or intoxicated people; hazardous fireworks; careless discharge of firearms; etc.). No refund or other consideration shall be given in such cases. Also, Studio reserves the right to work only in non-smoking environments.
For outdoor weddings studio utilizes proper equipment to reduce wind noise (fur muffs) and utilizes camera rain covers in the case of a drizzle or light rain. However, Studio reserves the right to immediately remove all equipment to an indoor location in the event of weather that may be hazardous to equipment or persons like lightning, strong wind, hard rain, etc. No refund or reduction in price shall occur in this event but, hopefully, the event would be moved indoors where video could be continued.

There is no travel fee within 50 miles of Fresno, California for the purpose of filming the wedding day. If the location is between 50 to 150 miles of Fresno there is a $250 travel fee. Travel for locations farther than 150 miles from Fresno must be agreed upon and included in a written addendum to this agreement.

$500 is required to reserve your wedding date, payable via cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. If the $500 reservation fee is not paid 2 months prior to the wedding date, the reservation shall be considered cancelled without further notice. One half of the remaining amount (Total cost - $500)/2  is due on or before the day of the wedding. The remaining balance (Total cost - $500)/2) is due after you've reviewed the final draft of the edited films and approved of changes. If payment or feedback is not received within two weeks of us notifying you of the availability of your videos the remaining balance will increase by 10% for each 30 days we have not received payment or feedback.

We agree to the terms and conditions above and further agree to give non-exclusive rights to this video to MVP Weddings, to reuse in promotion of their business or in any way they see fit, in any format or media that currently or may eventually exist, however we retain the rights to also make copies and use this video in any way we see fit.

12 Terms

13. What equipment do you use?

We're always upgrading our equipment. You can see what we're currently using on our Equipment page. 

13 Equip

14. Do you do other types of video work?

Yes! You can see our Commercials, Corporate Video, and other commercial work at MVP Media.

14 MVP Media
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